5 Valuable Reasons Not to get Hair Extensions

  1. Damage – Hair damage can be stressful! Having a brittle, dull and almost broom-like hair is a big NO! Hair extension that is heavier than your regular hair can cause a lot of trouble for your healthy hair. Here are the possible damages that your hair may face.
    • Hair loss – Heavy hair extension can pull the roots of your hair that may result to spot baldness or hair loss. This can significantly add a stress to your hair follicle, which will affect the growth and the overall health of you hair. Make sure your extensions are not heavier than your actual hair.
    • Hair breakage – The weak spot of the hair strand can easily break, resulting in hair breakage. This will grow back, but considering the actual length of your hair and the gap from the tip of the breakage will not be pleasing.
  2. Identical Look – Extensions are designed to lay flat so pony tail cannot be an option or the clips and tapes will be peeping out of your strands. So deciding to have hair extension is like taking an ID picture, you will have the same generic look every day as you first had it installed.
  3. Maintenance – These are the needs and the care that your extensions need. If you don’t attend to these needs, they may not last long as intended and just putting your $$$ to waste. Here are some requisites that are vital to having long lasting, shiny and tangle free hair extensions.
    • Shampoo – DO NOT use shampoos that contain paraben and sulfate as it may dry your extensions easily.
    • Oils – Moisturizing oil is vital to make your extensions look healthy and alive. Ask your stylist for a better product.
    • Trips to Salon – Having hair extensions means taking trips to the salon every single month. Your extension needs to be turned or twisted on another set of hair to prevent damage to your natural hair. This may include reapplication of your mane or just rearrangement.
    • Taking a bath – After having your extensions, you will finally meet your new best friend “Cap”. Getting a bath is difficult and sometimes awful. If you are using a “glue-on” then this means taking a bath without wetting your hair or it will take out the glue as quick. This means also that summertime won’t be in the pool spending time with friends because, Chlorinated water will damage your extensions, therefore sun bathing is all you got.
  4. Cost – The cost of having extensions can range from $500 to a whopping $4000 depending on the length, the kind of hair and the technique used in putting it in your hair. The monthly trips and the products that you use to make it last long and get the shiny feel is not even included.
  5. The Feel – How does it feel when you go out on a date and having to tell your new hot BF that you are wearing extensions? Not just that try considering these feeling below:
    • Prickly – Imagine getting to feel all those prickly pins and clips sticking on your scalp. You mane may look nice and long, but the feeling of wearing a headdress all the time is simply annoying.
    • No Pool at all – Imagine getting yourself stuck in the gutter while all your friends are having fun in the beach or on the pool partying, especially if it is summer.
    • Hand combing – No hand combing. Tell your BF not to run their fingers on your hair or it will get stuck.
    • Night issues – No wetting hair at night. No letting your hair free at night or it will make a big mangle-tangle lump by day time. Brushing before bed is not for the lazy and busy people.
    • Peeps out – Constanly, be aware that wrong hair flip can expose your clips and pins.

These things can also need some getting used to. So before running to a salon and making a decision, weigh in your pro and cons. You want to end up having a wrong look too!

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