Problems Only Girls with Extensions Will Understand

  1. They take some getting used to Whether you get tape-ins, cut-ins, stuff-ins, pre-bonded, keratin bond, sew-in, or a place, the delicate experience of having something within your hair can be as irritating/similar to being slightly strangled by a turtleneck sweater.

  2. Artificial hair extensions are affordable but can seem cheap when they don’t mix into your own hair. Artificial hair does not contain moisture like real hair does, so it won’t shine normally, rather, it’s a super-bright, unnatural sheen to it. Additionally they do not merge as seamlessly, might get tangled and can’t be styled and re-designed. But if synthetic strings are should you just want to put them on for one evening and do not want to separate the bank obtaining fake hair, be sure to obtain a color that fits your real hair.

  3. As they are manufactured from real human hair and you are permitted to do every-thing you can do with your own natural hair like wash, wefts, curl, and repeat, dry of fake hair will be a pretty penny. Think $250 or over. If you are going to purchase extensions you’re likely to continuously wear nevertheless, human hair is the approach to take.

  4. They might require lots of effort and time.You will end up inside the salon chair for at least one hour and near about half on your stylist to put in a full extensions.

  5. You have to get a haircut to combine the extensions perfectly. Even when they’re clip-ins, if you aren’t getting a special haircut that blends the extensions and your hair, you’re planning to seem like you’re wearing fake hair that is not the goal.

  6. You always have to accomplish your hair. There’s no such thing being a wash-and-get design if you have extensions. You are often curling your own hair or straightening it to mix everything together.

  7. You have to become super-careful when having another person or blowing your own hair out take action. Because you can’t set the exact same style on it which you might on natural hair.

  8. If you brush your hair you have to be more your own hair such as you simply do not care without extensions can cause damage. But care your strands with wreckless wildness with extensions won’t only reason of breakage, it could possibly split your hair from ther. OUCH!

  9. In addition, you will have to change the way you wash your own hair. With extensions, the Marcia Brady way of discovering your hair (from origins to ends) to spread the oils from your own crown on your strings for healthier locks is no longer the “right way.” The proper way is now operating your way around the extension from the ends (such as you might if you have a lot of tangles) to make sure that you do not unintentionally get your brush trapped in your new place and move your natural or un-natural hair out.

  10. And because you are not discovering the oils for your tips out of your roots, have to manually add hair-oil on your ends. Simply because they will not be getting any natural fat love, this way they do not become fragile and dry.

  11. Dry wash and a shower cap are you new BFF. Obviously you have to keep bathing often, however, you want to try and expand enough time between your shampoos provided that you could to preserve the water-wash mix from wearing down the stuff, which will be where the shower cap/dry shampoo combination enter into play.

  12. Your mind and neck are inclined to get hot. Your head isn’t applied to the quantity of hair you just included into your current strings, to help you find your mind overheating, because of your new ‘do.

  13. They weigh on your own natural hair. In contrast to a lot of stones at all, however, you really can sense that there’s anything attached with your hair.

  14. They make your scalp scratchy.The strip of record-in expansion or stick-in part attached with your hair can apply against your head, scratching it. After which when you head to damage the itchy area, you have to be careful that you don’t accidentally whip on the bundle of hair within the expansion with your hands, if not it damage and will move

  15. High ponytails/topknots are a thing of before. So they lay flat, so placing your hair up in a ponytail your extensions are put you might say.

  16. You will have to either braid your hair each night before going to rest, or wear a linked silk scarf in your check out maintain your additions from not getting distorted as you drop and turn. It works out because you prevent strips or small glue balls of tape from stabbing your crown in the night that while this is annoying to accomplish, that it is the most comfortable way to rest.

  17. There is a constant may seem to put in the video-ins again as correctly as your stylist did the first time. They are always wonky. Desire to learn how to put them in appropriately?

  18. Washing your hair just got complicated. Gone are the times of scrubbing your head vigorously and haphazardly. Now, you’ve to become super-careful when sudsing up your strings so that you do not draw about the extensions.

  19. And you may use sulfate-free shampoo. As sulfates (a form of cleaning agent in shampoos) could stop working the adhesive plot the extension on your hair.

  20. Your hair can’t roll up into a towel anymore once you get free from the shower. You don’t need the extensions to get waterlogged, so you need to press and mark your hair with a towel, then allow it to air dry a little (to reduce the total amount of heat damage from your dryer), and then eventually strike it dry all the way.

  21. The notion of your sweetheart managing his arms throughout your hair sends chills up your spine.The inner workings of your hair now is like a construction site; you can find small hooks or clips everywhere. Therefore, he will not be able to actually get his hands up inside and if he does, it will be a bitch to have them back out.

  22. You’ve to embarrassingly describe your whole expansion sitch to newish BF or a casual hookup. “Um, yes, I’ve extensions, so that once we’re making out if you feel my head in any respect you’ll feel strips of recording or small nodules. That’s totally normal only did not wish one to panic or something. Also, please don’t ever move my hair. Ever.”

  23. Should young’s get them done again in the timeframe your stylist tells you to, as they grow out, are going to apparent. They will begin to pose and switch, putting from the hair, and exposing your expansion secret plain as day.

  24. You’re feeling like your own hair has thinned once you or your stylist removes your extensions as you suddenly had a shit-lot of hair and today you suddenly don’t. In most truth, you just went back to the typical quantity of hair you had before, however it just feels like so not as that you believe your hair has become thinning, and a panic attack ensues.

  25. They’re able to come out if they’re not secured. Britney Spears knows this situation all too well.

  26. Getting them out is as a lot of a process as having them set in. And you will be left with offcuts of tar-like glue on your own head as well as in your own hair for days later if your artiste doesn’t take them out correctly.

  27. If that you don’t give your hair a break every 6 months, the hair could weaken at the origin and you have access to bald spots. Expansion are useful exectly at the root, but when you enable the expansion to develop out a lot of together with your natural hair growth, the extension might weigh around the root and with time, your gentle, small hairs could possibly be pulled out, causing a bald spot.

Hair Care With Weaves and Extensions

Wearing a weave or extensions in hair length you really miss and can provide you the quantity. But you will have to take extra attention to ensure your hair don’t really break or take out it.

“Anyone have healthy hair and still can use extensions claims Melanye Maclin, MD, a physician and hair loss specialist in Washington D.C. “You only have to make an effort to exhibit the place as well as your natural hair some TLC.”

Here is how to take action.

Prime Your Own Hair and Head

Get your hair which are fit before adding extensions. Take a break in the weakening substances in colors or curl relaxers to obtain a head start in preventing breakage.

Make sure that your hair is well-conditioned, clear, and free from accumulation from styling products like hairspray and dead skin cells. These can be a reason of dryness, cracking, and scratching.

“If your scalp is flaky and dried, use a medicinal shampoo which has selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione focusing the suds on your scalp,” Maclin says. Keep it on for 15minutes and wash out. Then clean once more with condition and normal shampoo. Try this once weekly for 30 days.

If you are still experiencing flakes, before getting extensions search for a dermatologist.

Extensions Are Attached

what sort of hair extension is attached to your head depends on the type you use:

There is a whole or partial weave made into tight braids of your hair.
Extensions are glued for your hair using a sort of glue. You might need 50 to 100 of them, depending on the width of the hair.
Clip in extensions add size or length in a hurry. You add them underneath the top layer of your hair.

Stay Loose

Maclin says the greatest mistake with extensions is carrying them too tight that women make. This applies a great deal of tension around the hair follicles, which can create your hair fallout. It may subscribe to the most frequent type of permanent baldness in African American women.

Getting extensions should not be painful or cause problems. If it does, they’re too comfortable. Speak up! Ask your stylist to ease them before continuing.

Cut-ins will be the least destructive extensions because they can be removed speedily and involve small to no braiding or glue. Nevertheless they can be a reason of hair breakage should they draw or snag your own hair, therefore put them in often.

Do not Skimp on Washing

“Gently shampoo at least once weekly to keep your crown at its best says hairstylist Tamika Fletcher, (co-owner at Natural Resources Salon, Houston). “This reduces the buildup of product used for styling dead skin cells.” and your extensions

If you wear clip-in extensions, remove them first. Clean and dry them before reattaching.
If your weave or extensions are made, fixed into your own hair, or glued, separate your normal hair from their as best you can. Rinse, wash, and issue your actual hair individually from your faux hair. Towel- dry softly before you brush.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t use hair extensions for more than 6 days at any given time, even though they look nice “Weaves must be removed to permit to get deep conditioning of the hair and a thorough cleaning of the crown,” Maclin says.

Be Careful When Getting Extensions Out

The stick applied to secure hair extensions to your head includes chemicals that will cause baldness. “If bonding glue is essential, use bonding glue remover not merely to get the extensions but, moreover, to ensure no glue stays within the hair,” Fletcher says. “Any remaining stuff become extremely difficult without losing hair in the process.” to remove and can abide by hair

you might have an allergic reaction, if your scalp itches or hairline after your weave is eliminated. Chemical can be used to maintain hair patterns, plus it sometimes causes irritation. See a dermatologist. They could treat an itchy or irritated scalp.

Give Your Hair Some Rest

while you baby head and your own hair to offer it some rest discard extensions for some days. Switch to a hairdo that places less pressure in your hair. You can certainly put the extensions back in healthy hair.

Dangers of Hair Extensions

A 46 years old welfare worker stumbled on my office express dissatisfaction about terrible head pain. She already had a thousands of dollar work-up that involved an MRI of her head and cerebral arteries. The MRI point out many critical causes of head pain.
As I inspected the crown over her left brow, the area she referred to as most caring, she winced in pain. Our hands had found several lines of strongly braided hair extensions that were installed two weeks earlier, regarding the time that her symptoms had begun.

It was not the very first time I’d witnessed someone with headaches caused by a hairstyle: ponytails, braids, tightly pulled, and chignons can be a reasons as well. My patient was reluctant to possess her extensions removed though these styles are easily undone to provide a rest from your pressure to the scalp. That’s because she’d used nine hours in a salon-chair having them placed, and chose to tolerate the pain

By adding duration and volume hair addition, which change even the thinnest head of hair into a luxurious mane, are now actually quite the trend. In the string-by-strand approach, small tufts of hair are mounted on parts of natural hair. In the weft approach, a curtain of hair is attached. In both strategies, the hair is then attached to the pinnacle sewing, sticking, temperature fusing, steel pipe clamping, or by bonding. A typical full head request that can produce short hair long can contain 200 and between 100 extensions, and can charge hundreds to a large number of dollars in addition to many hours at the salon.

The method can cause what is called traction alopecia—hair reduction and balding from your pulling and unwanted weight. The hair loss is believed to be due to loosening of the hair length from your follicle, together with by chronic inflammation. Extensions may cause hair tangling, matting and loss of shine, irritation, pain, like my patient experienced. They can cause contact dermatitis and, in rare circumstances, life threatening allergy symptoms from sensitization to rubbers, glues, or other chemicals useful for extension software and treatment.

A tiny brunette who goes to the beauty shop I use, Randee Bank, said she had aim to design of expansion so much that she was ready to withstand the complications, and used them every day. It was when she began to notice many bald areas where the extensions had drawn out portions of her hair that she stopped. A hair transplant specialist told her that due to permanent injury to the hair follicles, her hair might never raise back.

“They’re all a great damage,” Bank claims, explaining the different methods she had tried over time.

Celebrities, too, could be just starting to think twice.

5 Valuable Reasons Not to get Hair Extensions

  1. Damage – Hair damage can be stressful! Having a brittle, dull and almost broom-like hair is a big NO! Hair extension that is heavier than your regular hair can cause a lot of trouble for your healthy hair. Here are the possible damages that your hair may face.
    • Hair loss – Heavy hair extension can pull the roots of your hair that may result to spot baldness or hair loss. This can significantly add a stress to your hair follicle, which will affect the growth and the overall health of you hair. Make sure your extensions are not heavier than your actual hair.
    • Hair breakage – The weak spot of the hair strand can easily break, resulting in hair breakage. This will grow back, but considering the actual length of your hair and the gap from the tip of the breakage will not be pleasing.
  2. Identical Look – Extensions are designed to lay flat so pony tail cannot be an option or the clips and tapes will be peeping out of your strands. So deciding to have hair extension is like taking an ID picture, you will have the same generic look every day as you first had it installed.
  3. Maintenance – These are the needs and the care that your extensions need. If you don’t attend to these needs, they may not last long as intended and just putting your $$$ to waste. Here are some requisites that are vital to having long lasting, shiny and tangle free hair extensions.
    • Shampoo – DO NOT use shampoos that contain paraben and sulfate as it may dry your extensions easily.
    • Oils – Moisturizing oil is vital to make your extensions look healthy and alive. Ask your stylist for a better product.
    • Trips to Salon – Having hair extensions means taking trips to the salon every single month. Your extension needs to be turned or twisted on another set of hair to prevent damage to your natural hair. This may include reapplication of your mane or just rearrangement.
    • Taking a bath – After having your extensions, you will finally meet your new best friend “Cap”. Getting a bath is difficult and sometimes awful. If you are using a “glue-on” then this means taking a bath without wetting your hair or it will take out the glue as quick. This means also that summertime won’t be in the pool spending time with friends because, Chlorinated water will damage your extensions, therefore sun bathing is all you got.
  4. Cost – The cost of having extensions can range from $500 to a whopping $4000 depending on the length, the kind of hair and the technique used in putting it in your hair. The monthly trips and the products that you use to make it last long and get the shiny feel is not even included.
  5. The Feel – How does it feel when you go out on a date and having to tell your new hot BF that you are wearing extensions? Not just that try considering these feeling below:
    • Prickly – Imagine getting to feel all those prickly pins and clips sticking on your scalp. You mane may look nice and long, but the feeling of wearing a headdress all the time is simply annoying.
    • No Pool at all – Imagine getting yourself stuck in the gutter while all your friends are having fun in the beach or on the pool partying, especially if it is summer.
    • Hand combing – No hand combing. Tell your BF not to run their fingers on your hair or it will get stuck.
    • Night issues – No wetting hair at night. No letting your hair free at night or it will make a big mangle-tangle lump by day time. Brushing before bed is not for the lazy and busy people.
    • Peeps out – Constanly, be aware that wrong hair flip can expose your clips and pins.

These things can also need some getting used to. So before running to a salon and making a decision, weigh in your pro and cons. You want to end up having a wrong look too!

Hazards of Hair Extensions

Having a full, lively hair with the help of hair extensions can be a good thing. Think about Jessica Simpsons, Beyonce, Selena Gomez and J.Lo, they all have a perfect long locks. Well, looking good can have a dark side too. From traction alopecia or baldness, severe headache and Follicular damage, these some of the dangers of getting Hair extension.

A 46-year-old social worker came to the clinic of Neurologist, Dr. Orly Avitzur of Terrytown, N.Y., complaining about an agonizing headache. “ She came to me after having had a very expensive battery of test” After a series of test ranging from x-rays, cat scans, MRI and even cerebral artery test were done the unnamed patients’ results turned out to be okay. Dr. Avitzur touch a portion of her scalp near her temple, where the patient said the most tender and later found out that there were rows of tightly braided hair extensions. “When I went to examine her and simply touched her scalp, she pulled away and winced when my fingertips touched her quite gently,” she added.“ It was clear that the pain is coming from her new hair extensions”

There are four different types of hair extension; Micro bead/link, weave type, Tape type and pre-bonded or also known as Fusion. All these types can either give greater or lesser damage. Dr. Avitzur said that, this is not her first time encountering a patient that suffers from severe headache. The use of tightly bonded hair extensions, pony tails and chignon can also be the culprit. Hair specialist says that pulling the hair can cause damage to the hair and therefore, the hair will be prone to breakage or worst, traction alopecia.

Traction Alopecia is a kind of hair loss that happens slowly over time. This is the result of constant hair tension or pulling of hair strands. As a result, thinning of the hair can be observed, either in the temples of your head or the hairline itself. This is not just a typical hair breakage, it is a condition where your hair root will be completely pulled out that the follicles around the hair becomes inflamed. Because of this, hair won’t be able to grow again.

Some hair extension user, loved their extensions, so much that they are willing to endure the pain and the danger at stake just to make them feel good about themselves. Dr. Avitzur added that on the first signs of hair loss “Stop before the problem becomes permanent!”

The extensive damage cannot be restored easily or it may, but will cost you a lot of money. So before having a hair extension to look pretty, weighing the pros with the cons is very practical. You might just save yourself from alopecia and other hair damages.

Types of Digital Cameras

Before choosing a specific digital camera brand, you’ll first need to learn about the different types of cameras available on the market. Then you can decide which level of functionality best suits your needs.

Smartphone Cameras

A smartphone camera is the most convenient camera you could ever own, as you’re sure to have it within easy reach to capture memorable moments at any time. However, if quality is an important factor, you may need to look elsewhere.

Large sensors are needed to take quality photos in various light conditions. Smartphones have very tiny sensors and as a result struggle in low light conditions. Due to space limitations, they also lack an optical zoom feature. Smartphones are designed to be compact and easy to carry, adding the moving parts associated with optical zoom would result in a far bulkier phone.

Despite these shortcomings, in the right lighting conditions smartphones are still capable of producing stunning photos.

Here are some of the best camera phones on the market today:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Price: $658.49

Apple iPhone 6S

Price: $827.99

Google Nexus 6P

Price: $469.98

Ultra Compact Camera

If you removed the camera from your smartphone, it would almost be comparable to an ultra compact camera. Where the ultra compact camera stands apart is with its optical zoom lens with image stabilization.

If you don’t have the luxury of getting up close and personal to the object you wish to capture (like a nature shoot), you may want to consider an ultra-compact camera. Explore the best options below.

Canon PowerShot N 12.1 MP

Price: $120.56

Canon PowerShot ELPH 520

Price: $189.99

Sony DSC-HX60V/B 20.4 MP

Price: $299.99

Compact cameras

Compact cameras take things up a notch with their deliverability of high-quality images, improved flash and long battery life. Large sensors produce quality images at all light levels, while faster shutter speed and optical stabilizers capture moving objects sans blur. These make a great first camera for the budding photographer.

Nikon Coolpix L340 20.2 MP

Price: $139

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH10 16.1 MP

Price: $99.95

Olympus E-PM2

Price: $379.97

Large Sensor Compact

Also known as an advanced compact camera, these workhorses can have sensors one-inch or bigger. This means less image noise and improved photo quality in low-lit areas.

These cameras are for the more adventurous photographers who’d enjoy the capability of manually controlling shutter speed and aperture. Sharing images with friends and family on social media is also made easier with Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you’re ready to invest in a powerful, pocket-sized camera consider the most popular options that are used by professionals below.

Sony DSC-RX100/B 20.2 MP

Price: $498

Pentax Optio RZ-18 16 MP

Price: $209.99

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS100 20.1 MP

Price: $697.99

Bridge Cameras

As the name implies, bridge cameras occupy the space between compact cameras and DSLRs. A bridge camera won’t fit in your pocket like a compact camera, but it will definitely make one-handed shooting a lot easier. You won’t notice much difference between the image quality of the bridge and compact cameras as they both have similar sized sensors.

To the untrained eye, a bridge camera resembles a DSLR with its raised bump above the lens and prominent handgrip. Unlike the DSLR, the lens on the bridge camera cannot be removed. Bridge cameras surpass DSLRs with their zoom range of 20x – 50x magnification.

For capturing nature, wildlife and sports photography, the bridge camera’s zoom functionality may be just what you need.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 16.1 MP

Price: $244.95

Nikon COOLPIX P520 18.1 MP

Price: $374.99

Fujifilm FinePix S9800

Price: $205.69

Compact System Cameras (CSC)

Like DSLRs, compact system cameras have interchangeable lenses. They may also have DSLR sensors or smaller ones, and they may or may not have electronic viewfinders. The defining feature of a DSLR camera is a mirror between the lens and the sensor that reflects the image up towards a prism assembly and viewfinder eyepiece.

CSCs do not have this mirror and as such are referred to as mirrorless cameras. Their large sensors and interchangeable lens bring them a step up from bridge cameras. CSCs were designed to offer high-quality images and interchangeable lenses without the bulk of a DSLR.

Canon EOS M 18.0 MP

Price: $259 - $459.90

Nikon 1 J1

Price: $269.99

Samsung NX3000

Price: $399

DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera

DSLRs are the camera of choice by professionals whose creativity is uninhibited by the wide range of features and functions provided. The variety of lenses offered allows photographers to change their viewpoint from the same position.

While CSCs also offer multiple lenses, if you intend to specialize in a particular type of photography you’ll want to consider DSLRs. With their extensive range of options, you’re more likely to find the specific lens that matches your needs.

Pentax K-S2 20MP

Price: $596.95

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Price: $1,949.00

Nikon D4S 16.2 MP

Price: $4,969.99

Top 20 Best Digital Cameras Under 100 Dollars 2016 Reviews

The ability to visually document important events in our lives has never been easier. Like our wallets and mobile devices, digital cameras have become one of those must-have items that we never leave home without. Whether you’re going on a holiday, attending a wedding or in the delivery room for the birth of your child; a digital camera can immortalize any precious moment in your life. Thanks to the lightning-speed advancements in technology, there are multiple camera options to choose from. Here are the top 20 best digital cameras under 100 dollars.

  1. Sony DSCW800/B
  2. Features:

    • MP Super HAD CCD sensor
    • Sony Lens w/ 5x Optical Zoom
    • Reduced blur with SteadyShot Image stabilization
    • Record videos in 720p HD Movie mode
    • Sony Lens with F3.2 (W) - 6.4 (T) Maximum Aperture
    • Maximum Continuous Shooting for up to 100 shots

    The Sony DSCW800/B comes in at first place. Its powerful 20.1MP Super HAD CCD sensor stands out in its ability to capture beautifully detailed images. In fact, it’s the only camera in the top 20 list with a 20-megapixel sensor. The menus are simple and the buttons easy to use. And with its metal outer casing, the DSCW 800 is sure to be the most durable and economical camera in your arsenal.

  3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5K
  4. Features:

    • 9-megapixel resolution
    • 10x optical zoom lens
    • New Panasonic Venus Engine IV
    • 3.0-inch LCD; Mega O.I.S. and Intelligent ISO
    • Captures images to SD memory cards

    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5K lands in second place with its wide angled 10X zoom lens. The Venus Engine IV reduces noise while boosting detection accuracy and corrective effects.

  5. Canon PowerShot A2500
  6. Features:

    • Reduced power consumption with ECO Mode
    • Record 720p HD videos in stereo sound using the dedicated movie button
    • 16-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor, and Canon DIGIC 4 image processor
    • 5x optical zoom and 28mm wide-angle lens with Digital Image Stabilizer

    The Canon PowerShot A2500 is one of the most popular compact digital cameras. Its intuitive menu and superb photo quality have made it one of the top selling cameras.

  7. Samsung DV150F
  8. Features:

    • 1.5" Dual View Front LCD
    • 16 MP camera
    • SMART features - Social Media Upload, E-mail, Mobile Link, Direct Link, Remote Viewfinder, All share, Cloud Service
    • 720p HD Video
    • One-button backups of photos

  9. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20K
  10. Features:

    • 14.1-megapixel effective recording
    • 8X optical zoom
    • 2-11/16" LCD screen
    • Optical image stabilization
    • Focus quickly on moving objects with Sonic Speed

    The Panasonic Lumix is designed to fit in your pocket for easy transportation. You can rely on this camera to take high-quality photos with its intelligent AUTO mode, which focuses your images, then further boosts quality with its four correction and detection functions.

  11. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55
  12. Features:

    • 10x optical zoom Sony G-Lens
    • Sweep Panorama Mode
    • 14.1-megapixel CCD sensor; 3.0-inch LCD screen
    • HD Movie mode (720p
    • Automatically optimizes camera settings with iAuto
    • Smile Shutter technology
    • Card slot for optional Memory Stick Duo media and SD media

  13. Kodak Easyshare Z740
  14. Features:

    • 5.0 MP resolution
    • 10x Kodak Retinar glass optical zoom lens
    • PictBridge compatible; captures QuickTime movies with MPEG4 compression
    • Range of shooting modes, from fully automatic to manual
    • Runs on 2 AA-size batteries

    Kodak Easyshare Z740 is so durable and ergonomic that it’s a favorite choice for both beginners and professionals.

  15. Samsung EC-SH100
  16. Features:

    • Use Wi-Fi functionality to email photos, upload to FaceBook or YouTube
    • 3-inch LCD touchscreen with drag-and-scroll capabilities
    • 14-megapixel resolution with 5x optical zoom
    • Face/smile/blink detection
    • Wireless, automatic file backup to your PC

    The Samsung EC-SH100 is one of the few budget digital cameras with a touchscreen.

  17. Samsung ST72
  18. Features:

    • 5x optical zoom
    • 16.2 mega pixels, HD Movie Recording
    • 3.0" Intelligent LCD screen
    • Capture seamless panoramic shots with Live Panorama
    • Mini USB connection

    Samsung is a trusted brand and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their digital cameras. The ST72 is ranked among the best budget models.

  19. Olympus VG-160
  20. Features:

    • 14 Megapixel
    • 5x Optical Zoom
    • 3" LCD
    • HD Video
    • Art Filters

    Olympus VG-160 is a compact camera that’s perfect for travelers. Its best feature is the ability to shoot quality photos even in poorly lit conditions.

  21. PowerLead Gapo G051
  22. Features:

    • Dustproof and waterproof up to 10m
    • Cold–resistant case up to -10C
    • 2.7" TFT LCD screen with waterproof buttons
    • 5 MP CMOS sensor and 8x digital zoom lens
    • 2.7'' LCD screen records video

    This is the perfect budget land and sea digital camera. With a 12-month warranty and 31-day free exchange, there really isn’t anything to lose.

  23. CCbetter CS710 Sports Action
  24. Features:

    • 1.5 inches LCD Display preview
    • 12 Megapixel CMOS Sensor with Full HD 120 degree wide-angle lens
    • Supports: Time Lapse, Digital video recording, Photo shooting, Motion detect, Panel Rotate (180°).
    • Waterproof up to 30 meters deep

    The CCbetter CS710 is versatile and lightweight; it’s the perfect first-time camera for sports enthusiasts. Take this camera along on any adventure; diving, surfing, skateboarding, cycling, etc.

  25. General Imaging E1410SW-CP
  26. Features:

    • High-speed shooting at 10 frames per second in full resolution
    • Captures your videos in full high-definition 1080p resolution
    • Automatically focus on fast moving objects
    • Enhance a subject's face by evening out skin tone, brightening and opening the eyes
    • Take seamless panoramic pictures

  27. General Imaging X450
  28. Features:

    • 16 MP Digital Camera with 25X optical zoom
    • 2.7 Inch LCD Screen
    • Built-in 8MB Internal Memory with up to 32GB support of SD/SDHC Card
    • Electronic viewfinder, Optical Image Stabilization, Face Beautifier, Pan-capture

    General Imaging X450 is a reliable, stylish, high-performance digital camera. If you fall somewhere between novice and professional photographer, you may want to consider the General Imaging camera below.

  29. Kodak EasyShare C1530
  30. Features:

    • 14 megapixels and 3X optical zoom
    • Blur reduction image stabilizer
    • Smart Capture and Face Recognition feature
    • On-camera slideshow
    • One-button upload to e-mail, KODAK PULSE Display, and other popular social networking sites

    Kodak C1530 is your go-to camera for sharing all the moments you capture with friends and family. Use this camera to simultaneously send photos and videos to multiple social networks and email addresses.

  31. Nikon COOLPIX L30
  32. Features:

    • 17 Scene Modes
    • 5x wide-angle NIKKOR glass zoom lens
    • HD 720p videos

    Using the Nikon COOLPIX L30 is as easy as 1,2,3, just select the Easy Auto Mode and let it do the hard work for you.

  33. Canon PowerShot ELPH 115
  34. Features:

    • 2.7-inch TFT color LCD with wide-viewing angle monitor
    • 16.0 megapixel 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor
    • DIGIC 4 image processor for exceptional performance
    • 8x optical zoom with 28mm wide-angle lens
    • 720p HD video with a dedicated movie button

    You can now shoot longer with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 115. The ECO Mode makes its reduced power consumption possible. This camera also makes taking high-quality pictures easier with Smart Auto, which can choose the optimal camera settings for 32 recognized scenarios.

  35. Fujifilm FinePix AX655
  36. Features:

    • 16 megapixel resolution
    • Fuji 5.9-29.5mm zoom lens
    • 2.7" TFT LCD display
    • 720p HD Movie recording

    The FujiFilm AX655 is a sturdy, compact digital camera that was built to last. It is powered by a durable, rechargeable battery capable of taking up to 420 pictures before losing charge. Capture close-up and far shots with its 5x optical zoom lens, then review your masterpieces on its large TFT LCD screen.

  37. Nikon COOLPIX S2800
  38. Features:

    • 5x optical zoom lens, fully retractable
    • 20.1 megapixel CCD sensor
    • 720p HD video recording
    • 2.7 inch 230k dot LCD screen

    Nikon COOLPIX S2800 is a compact, lightweight camera. At less than 2cm thin, there will always be enough room to take the S2800 with you anywhere. With its 20.1-megapixel image sensor, intelligent autofocus and one-touch video recording function, all you need to do is point and shoot.

  39. Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ41
  40. Features:

    • 4x Optical Zoom
    • 27-108mm
    • 16.1 MP CCD sensor
    • 2.7" 230K LCD
    • 720p (Motion JPEG)
    • DIS
    • AA Battery

    The Kodak FZ41 would make the perfect first camera. Zoom, enlarge and crop without losing quality with its powerful CCD sensor. Use the 24mm wide-angle lens to fit all your friends or that beautiful scenery into the frame, and with its Facial feature detection, you’ll never worry about missing a smile.

Top 25 Digital Cameras Under 200 Dollars In 2016 Reviews

The below are the 25 digital cameras with their reviews which are available at the price of under 200 USD in 2016:

  1. Samsung EC-WB350FBPBUS
  2. This is a 16.3 MP digital camera which comes with 21X zoom lens and the image stabilized sensor. This is presented in an attractive built and the useful feature for better photography.

  3. Sony DSC-TX30/B
  4. It is a digital camera that has 18 MP image stabilizing sensor and a 5X zoom with the Carl Zeiss lens. This is the best pick due to the features like environment and its waterproof body. With the 3.3-inch color OLED monitor, it delivers quality results in all conditions.

  5. Nikon Coolpix L830
  6. This is the camera that allows you to take the close-up photographs from long distances easily with the excellent telephoto NIKKOR glass lens. The large 3-inch LCD screen and the 34X optical zoom and 68X dynamic fine zoom system make it a perfect pick for capturing quality pictures.

  7. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300/B
  8. This camera has the SteadyShot image stabilized lens and the 20.1MP sensor that helps in capturing fine details even from long distance. It also provide 720p HD video recording and the large 3-inch LCD screen helps in setting the pictures easily.

  9. Fujifilm FinePix XP70
  10. This is the perfect option for those who are busy capturing images of the outdoors. The camera with the large 2.7-inch LCD screen and 16.2 MP CMOS sensor support you to take excellent quality pictures in all sorts of lighting conition. The additional features like Wifi support, mailing, and sharing functions add to your convenience.

  11. Nikon Coolpix P530
  12. This camera uses the point and shoot technology which is at par with the costly higher model cameras available in the market. The 42X optical zoom and 84X dynamic fine zoom lens help you in taking the finest pictures. The results of the camera are perfect in the category and can be easily compared with those of the professional cameras.

  13. Samsung WB1100F
  14. This budget digital camera brings you the 16.2 MP CCD sensor, remote viewfinder and a 35X optical zoom lens along with the 720p HD video recording support. You can also connect to the internet via smart Wi-Fi adapter and the other features like one-click social media upload, mail, and PC auto backup.

  15. Canon Powershot SX400
  16. This camera has the image stabilized digital sensor and 16MP resolutions for capturing excellent quality images. The 30X optical zoom system and the 720p HD video recording support are also the value additions of the camera.

  17. Nikon COOLPIX S7000
  18. The professional photographers also prefer this as a low-cost option for professional photography. It’s wide-angle 20X optical zoom lens and 40X dynamic zoom gives excellent results. It has got the Wifi compatibility that helps you share the images easily as well as you can record full 1080/60i HD videos with stereo surround sound.

  19. Nikon COOLPIX L340
  20. The 20.2 MP camera that has got features like 28X Zoom NIKKOR lens and a full 720p full HD recording support. It has got all that you are looking into a budget camera with the trendy design and excellent quality image capturing feature.

  21. Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Print Camera
  22. This is a perfect option to try out the Polaroid technology with Z2300 digital instant print camera that has the wide-angle lens and the integrated ZINK printing technology. You can easily print the photographs on the ZINK premium photo paper. The large 3.0-inch screen helps in viewing the pictures before clicking and support 32GB memory storage.

  23. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS25 Digital Camera
  24. This waterproof camera is best in category due to the tough design and wide-angle lens with 4X optical zoom and 8X intelligent zoom capability. It is a durable camera that can work in any environment as wells supports the HD720p Motion JPEG video recording. The autofocus and other features like wifi compatibility adds value to it.

  25. Sony DSC-TX30/B Digital Camera
  26. The camera with the sensitive 18.2MP Exmor R CMOS sensor makes it suitable for any conditions photography. The results are quite clear and it supports high-definition videos recording in low light conditions. The features like 5X optical zoom and 3.3-inch touchscreen makes it a hot cake.

  27. Canon Powershot SX400
  28. The Canon Powershot SX400 is a digital camera that can be operated with AC and DC power supply. It has the image stabilized 16MP sensor and 30X optical zoom lens that supports wide angle photography. The array of other features like wifi and 32 GN memory support makes it a cool pick.

  29. Nikon COOLPIX S6900
  30. The 12X zoom lens of this camera makes it perfect for all low light conditions. The features like built in Wi-Fi adapter and the 24X dynamic fine zoom support you to take excellent quality pictures in this category. Adding to it the hands free video recording and target finding auto-focus with 1080p video recording support makes it the perfect product in this category.

  31. Canon PowerShot SX410
  32. This camera is preferred by the professionals while learn new techniques of photography. The CCD (20MP 1/2.3”) sensor and the 40x Optical zoom lens gives excellent results. The built-in flash and large 3.0-inch LCD screen along with the advanced DIGIC 4+ Processor supports in capturing the best quality images easily.

  33. Nikon COOLPIX L830
  34. The camera that has the powerful 16MP CMOS sensor and 34X optical and 64X dynamic zoom NIKKOR lens gives the best results in the category for professional or amateur photography. You can use this camera for recording the videos for your blog and comes with the 3.0-inch display to support find adjustments.

  35. Nikon COOLPIX S6900
  36. This pink point and shoot camera have the 12X optical zoom lens and image stabilized CMOS sensor that gives excellent quality results. The vari-angle display and the kickstand support the selfie function along with the 19 scene modes for enhanced presentation.

  37. Nikon COOLPIX L340
  38. This is a powerful 20MP camera that is compact in design and can be carried anywhere easily. The 20MP sensor and 28X Zoom NIKKOR lens that supports 720p video recording delivers the best results in this category and comes with 32GB memory support.

  39. Nikon COOLPIX L840
  40. This camera with the built in Wi-Fi adapter and 38X optical zoom lens supports you to share the pics at the instant. It has got the low light CMOS sensor (16MP), and a 921,000-dot 3.0-inch tilt LCD screen for capturing the finest quality images.

  41. Nikon COOLPIX S6800
  42. This camera has the 16MP CMOS sensor and a durable NIKKOR 12X Zoom lens. The features like Wifi compatibility and HD 1080p videos recording support makes it a preferred choice. It goes well with the poor lighting conditions also due to intelligent auto-focus, accurate target finding feature.

  43. Fujifilm FinePix XP80
  44. This camera is perfect in everything whetehr it is the stylish looks or the shock proof and water resistant body. The 2.7-inch LCD screen and higher resolution CMOS sensor (16.2MP) helps in taking excellent quality videos and photos. The continuous shooting mode allows you to take 10 images at a time.

  45. Nikon COOLPIX L840
  46. If you are looking for a bigger zoom then this is the best model with a powerful 38X optical zoom lens and the premium image stabilizing sensor that can work in the poor light conditions as well. The tilted LCD screen gives an excellent view in any condition.

  47. Sony DSC-TX30/D
  48. This camera is not as powerful as others due to the 5MP optical lens but has the image-stabilized sensor (18MP) that delivers the best results, with auto-targeting and zoom for taking photographs or HD 1080/60i videos. The durable body and OLED touchscreen also adds value to the product.

  49. Canon PowerShot SX150 IS
  50. This is the previous model of Canon PowerShot which is the best of the top 25 digital cameras under $200. It has 14 MP Image stabilized sensor and 3.0 LCD screen. It gives stunning results in this pocket-friendly price.

Top 11 Best Ultra Zoom Bridge Digital Cameras 2016

The ultra zoom cameras or often called as the bridge style cameras are quite popular among the users. These are considered for their looks, control and the excellent optical zoom capacity. The latest model available in the bridge cameras is offering the zoom up to 83-x. This article is covering the 11 of the top bridge zoom cameras that are available in the market.

  1. Panasonic’s Lumix FZ1000
  2. The Lumix FZ1000 by Panasonic is coming with the 20 megapixels camera and 1 inch sensor and the Leica f/2.8 - f/4.0 16x optical zoom lens. This is supported with the features like 4K video recording, raw shooting support, fine manual controls and Wi-Fi.

  3. The Cyber-shot RX10 Mark II by Sony
  4. This is a camera that has the 1 inch BSI CMOS sensor and a DRAM memory chip along with the 40x super slow zoom and 4K video recording.The fast electronic shutter and weather resistant body make it grab the second position in the list.

  5. Panasonic Lumix FZ330 / FZ300
  6. The camera has slight less zoom capacity of 24x but the bright f/2.8 aperture in all lens positions makes it the best product for low-light photography. The other features include the 12fps continuous shooting speed, 4K video recording and a multi-angle screen.

  7. Canon Powershot G3 X
  8. This camera provides you with the 25x optical zoom lens and the image stabilisation feature. The other aspects like Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, manual controls, raw shooting support makes it preferred product in this category.

  9. Panasonic Lumix FZ72
  10. The Panasonic Lumix FZ72 has the huge 60x optical zoom lens and the manual adjustments. It also supports raw shooting with the 9fps continuous speed and full HD video recording.

  11. Nikon Coolpix P610
  12. The Nikon Coolpix P610 gives you the 60x optical zoom lens with full HD video recording and the multi-angle screen display. The added features are Wi-Fi and GPS with manual controlling.

  13. Canon Powershot SX510 HS
  14. The Canon Powershot has secured the place being the most compact camera that has got 30x optical zoom lens with full HD video recording and the features like Wi-Fi, 0cm macro mode and manual controlling fucntion.

  15. Canon Powershot SX60 HS
  16. The 65x optical zoom lens and the 6.4fps continuous speed makes this camera stand ahead of others. The features like Wi-Fi and NFC, and a multi-angle screen adds to the product value.

  17. Olympus Stylus SP-100EE
  18. This camera has the ultimate feature to track the moving objects along with the 50x optical zoom lens. The additional features like the electronic viewfinder and the 3inch screen helps you in taking perfect pictures.

  19. Fujifilm FinePix S-1
  20. The Fujifilm FinePix S1 ultra zoom camera comes with the weather-resistant body and the features like 50x optical zoom and multiple angle screen that can be tilted up to 30degrees in both directions.

  21. Nikon Coolpix P900
  22. The Nikon Coolpix P900 has the bring in the longest optical zoom lens that provides you with an 83x optical zoom capacity. It is the best in class for moon light photography as well as taking the pictures of distant objects.

Top Point and Shoot Cameras of 2016

The cameras are the instruments that are deemed important for all those who have a love for photography, be it an amateur home photographer or a professional working in the photography field. The only difference that counts between these two categories is the use of the cameras. An amateur photographer will usually prefer the inexpensive point and shoot cameras while the professional photographers will look for the DSLR and above range of cameras.

A professional photographer uses the DSLR cameras for getting the best results, in clicking the photos and are ready to spend a huge amount on these cameras. But an amateur photographer shall go to the point and shoot cameras. Otherwise, the smartphones are also used in taking the snaps. The top notch models of the phones like iPhone 6 and others give good results. But these cannot compete with the results by the cameras like anything and the point and shoot cameras are still in demand as the common person are looking for these. The article is focused on the top point and shoot cameras that you can but for you.

  1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50:
  2. This is the camera with a 30x zoom lens which fits in your pocket easily. It supports raw shooting support along with EVF. It is a bit more expensive than others, but do provide value for money.

  3. Ricoh GR II:
  4. It is the best camera for those who are willing to share their pictures instantly. The features like WiFi and firmware tweaks make it possible without any hassles.

  5. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100:
  6. This it the perfect package that has the bigger 1-inch image sensor which is unique in the point-and-shoot camera category. This gives the results that are almost close to the DSLR-quality. The images from this camera are excellent as compared with others in the category.

  7. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III:
  8. The camera is rated on the basis of the picture quality and the name is quite enough when we talk about the Sony cameras. It delivers high-quality images and comes with perfect EVF that compensates its price.

  9. Olympus Tough TG-4:
  10. This will be a preferred choice if you are looking for the rough and tough support. The raw shooting support is the only feature along with the weatherproof body.

  11. Canon PowerShot G7 X:
  12. The 1-inch image sensor gives the camera a capacity to deliver high resolution-pictures. The zoom feature of the camera also supports the magnification at larger distances. It is one of the expensive compact cameras.

  13. Fujifilm XQ2:
  14. This is the perfect companion on the go and helps you in clicking the excellent quality images without many hassles.

  15. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100:
  16. The features like big sensor, 4k video recording and wide aperture lens make it a better choice for the photography lovers but surely it is not for the professional quality pictures.

  17. Canon PowerShot Elph 170 IS:
  18. This is just for the beginners because you will miss a lot of things that we find in the compact cameras.