Dangers of Hair Extensions

A 46 years old welfare worker stumbled on my office express dissatisfaction about terrible head pain. She already had a thousands of dollar work-up that involved an MRI of her head and cerebral arteries. The MRI point out many critical causes of head pain.
As I inspected the crown over her left brow, the area she referred to as most caring, she winced in pain. Our hands had found several lines of strongly braided hair extensions that were installed two weeks earlier, regarding the time that her symptoms had begun.

It was not the very first time I’d witnessed someone with headaches caused by a hairstyle: ponytails, braids, tightly pulled, and chignons can be a reasons as well. My patient was reluctant to possess her extensions removed though these styles are easily undone to provide a rest from your pressure to the scalp. That’s because she’d used nine hours in a salon-chair having them placed, and chose to tolerate the pain

By adding duration and volume hair addition, which change even the thinnest head of hair into a luxurious mane, are now actually quite the trend. In the string-by-strand approach, small tufts of hair are mounted on parts of natural hair. In the weft approach, a curtain of hair is attached. In both strategies, the hair is then attached to the pinnacle sewing, sticking, temperature fusing, steel pipe clamping, or by bonding. A typical full head request that can produce short hair long can contain 200 and between 100 extensions, and can charge hundreds to a large number of dollars in addition to many hours at the salon.

The method can cause what is called traction alopecia—hair reduction and balding from your pulling and unwanted weight. The hair loss is believed to be due to loosening of the hair length from your follicle, together with by chronic inflammation. Extensions may cause hair tangling, matting and loss of shine, irritation, pain, like my patient experienced. They can cause contact dermatitis and, in rare circumstances, life threatening allergy symptoms from sensitization to rubbers, glues, or other chemicals useful for extension software and treatment.

A tiny brunette who goes to the beauty shop I use, Randee Bank, said she had aim to design of expansion so much that she was ready to withstand the complications, and used them every day. It was when she began to notice many bald areas where the extensions had drawn out portions of her hair that she stopped. A hair transplant specialist told her that due to permanent injury to the hair follicles, her hair might never raise back.

“They’re all a great damage,” Bank claims, explaining the different methods she had tried over time.

Celebrities, too, could be just starting to think twice.