Hair Care With Weaves and Extensions

Wearing a weave or extensions in hair length you really miss and can provide you the quantity. But you will have to take extra attention to ensure your hair don’t really break or take out it.

“Anyone have healthy hair and still can use extensions claims Melanye Maclin, MD, a physician and hair loss specialist in Washington D.C. “You only have to make an effort to exhibit the place as well as your natural hair some TLC.”

Here is how to take action.

Prime Your Own Hair and Head

Get your hair which are fit before adding extensions. Take a break in the weakening substances in colors or curl relaxers to obtain a head start in preventing breakage.

Make sure that your hair is well-conditioned, clear, and free from accumulation from styling products like hairspray and dead skin cells. These can be a reason of dryness, cracking, and scratching.

“If your scalp is flaky and dried, use a medicinal shampoo which has selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione focusing the suds on your scalp,” Maclin says. Keep it on for 15minutes and wash out. Then clean once more with condition and normal shampoo. Try this once weekly for 30 days.

If you are still experiencing flakes, before getting extensions search for a dermatologist.

Extensions Are Attached

what sort of hair extension is attached to your head depends on the type you use:

There is a whole or partial weave made into tight braids of your hair.
Extensions are glued for your hair using a sort of glue. You might need 50 to 100 of them, depending on the width of the hair.
Clip in extensions add size or length in a hurry. You add them underneath the top layer of your hair.

Stay Loose

Maclin says the greatest mistake with extensions is carrying them too tight that women make. This applies a great deal of tension around the hair follicles, which can create your hair fallout. It may subscribe to the most frequent type of permanent baldness in African American women.

Getting extensions should not be painful or cause problems. If it does, they’re too comfortable. Speak up! Ask your stylist to ease them before continuing.

Cut-ins will be the least destructive extensions because they can be removed speedily and involve small to no braiding or glue. Nevertheless they can be a reason of hair breakage should they draw or snag your own hair, therefore put them in often.

Do not Skimp on Washing

“Gently shampoo at least once weekly to keep your crown at its best says hairstylist Tamika Fletcher, (co-owner at Natural Resources Salon, Houston). “This reduces the buildup of product used for styling dead skin cells.” and your extensions

If you wear clip-in extensions, remove them first. Clean and dry them before reattaching.
If your weave or extensions are made, fixed into your own hair, or glued, separate your normal hair from their as best you can. Rinse, wash, and issue your actual hair individually from your faux hair. Towel- dry softly before you brush.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t use hair extensions for more than 6 days at any given time, even though they look nice “Weaves must be removed to permit to get deep conditioning of the hair and a thorough cleaning of the crown,” Maclin says.

Be Careful When Getting Extensions Out

The stick applied to secure hair extensions to your head includes chemicals that will cause baldness. “If bonding glue is essential, use bonding glue remover not merely to get the extensions but, moreover, to ensure no glue stays within the hair,” Fletcher says. “Any remaining stuff become extremely difficult without losing hair in the process.” to remove and can abide by hair

you might have an allergic reaction, if your scalp itches or hairline after your weave is eliminated. Chemical can be used to maintain hair patterns, plus it sometimes causes irritation. See a dermatologist. They could treat an itchy or irritated scalp.

Give Your Hair Some Rest

while you baby head and your own hair to offer it some rest discard extensions for some days. Switch to a hairdo that places less pressure in your hair. You can certainly put the extensions back in healthy hair.