Why hair extensions are so popular?

hairFrom celebrities down to the simple commoner, people tend to love hair extensions. What is it in hair extensions that people get so attracted to wear them? Is it because of the shine? Is it because of the thickness? Well, let’s find out.

Why oh why?

1. Too short. Generally, women love to cut and style their glorious mane. We rush to the salon, driven by emotions, get it trimmed and later realized that it’s too short. When we realized that our lovely mane is too short and we cannot style it the way we used to, that’s when we seek the help of hair extension. Yes. It’s hard to be a woman, we get emotional and saddle our hidden emotions to our hair, especially when happy, sad, sometimes when excited about something, and most of the time when we move on to the next chapter of our lives. (But most of the time, Hormones are to blame too!)
2. Hard to grow. Having thick and healthy hair is always in. However, some may have a hard time growing their crowning glory back. Some of us are patient enough to wait for years until it grows, but let’s face it, this does not apply to everyone. When it’s hard to grow back your lustrous hair, there is only one way to get it overnight.
3. Wake up with nice hair. Ever wonder how to save time and effort and still look trendy and beautiful. Well, having extensions can do this. You sleep with nice hair and wake up still having manageable, beautiful hair.
4. Give your hair a break. Exposing your hair daily to heat, blowdry and harsh hair products will affect its natural beauty and growth. Installing hair extensions will give your hair time to recover and retain its natural oils because you won’t need styling anymore. You will have a perfect hair every time without the hassle while giving your hair a break.
5. Styling. Imagine waking and sleeping with a perfect hair. Styling is a major reason why people love hair extensions so much. You get to choose the style you always wanted and have it without the hassle of curling or spending too much time making it straight. Just a perfect hair every time!
6. Color. Adding streaks of color that you like can make a big difference. Some just love to play it highlights without the damaging hair dye on their natural hair.
7. Baldness. Some experience early alopecia or baldness in which case lowers the confidence of some individuals. People that underwent chemotherapy and experience the same situation, can benefit from using hair weave too.
8. Long and gleaming. Some are born with beautiful hair, some have to develop it, however, some have long glossy hair extensions. For some who are not gifted with long, shiny hair and just too busy to get it treated, well this is the best answer without the constant upkeep.
9. Volume. Let’s face it, no matter how much we trim, spray Volumizing cream and add a bottle of body defining mousse, you just can’t get the same body and the volume you get using hair extensions. Whether you want an elegant up do, sexy, beautiful curls and thick straight black hair, hair extension is your way to achieve the look you always wanted.
10. Esteem. Upcoming events like school reunions, wedding or just a simple get-together can certainly give us an “ urge to look beautiful” than the last few years. Having confidence whether you’re out with friends somewhere or in the business district is a must. It is always important to have a good self-esteem in everything you do. Always look at the bright, more beautiful side of you. Dare to be beautiful every day!
We struggle every day just to keep our mane good looking, but with hair extensions, worry is less than expected. More time to smile and lesser hair stress. The advantage that hair extensions have to offer is having a gleaming and perfect hair always!