Top 10 DSLR Camreas of 2016

The DSLR (digital SLR) cameras are considered as the first choice for professional photographers as well as those who love photography. It is the perfect pick of the beginner as well as the experts. The best part of these cameras is that it offers full control by the manual adjustments along with the best in class picture clarity. You can use the different type of lenses with these cameras making it possible to get distinguished results from the same instrument. These are the best in class as they offer the interchangeable lenses and the viewfinder in the entry level segment of the professional cameras which is not available otherwise.

The below are the top 10 DSLR cameras of 2016 that you can chose:

  1. Canon EOS 5DS
  2. It is the synonym for picture clarity and excellence in the categories of DSLR Cameras. This is offering the 5DS sets that are incredibly the best in current models along with the resolving power, and 50.6 million effective pixels for the best resolutions in this category.

  3. Nikon D810
  4. This is the perfect pick for all sorts of photography experiments. The 36.3 mp and continuous shooting speed of 5 fps make it the best in class for panoramic photography. It is considered as the best one for wildlife and sports photography due to the image quality.

  5. Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  6. It is the best camera for the beginners looking for the professional DSLR camera from this category. It has got 10fps shooting with autofocus for the beginners.

  7. Nikon D7200
  8. The cool champ that delivers excellent results and has the features that make it fit for everyone. The pixel quality and 6fps speed give outstanding results with the 51-point Auto Focus system.

  9. Sony A77 II
  10. This camera has made it place on the list because of the high-speed autofocus and the 12 fps continuous speed. It gives excellent results with the SLT design electronic viewfinder.

  11. Canon EOS 6D
  12. With the 4.5 Fps continuous speed this camera has got all the features that mature photographers are looking for, like the autofocus, high range sensor and picture clarity.

  13. Nikon D750
  14. f you are looking for the performance that is at par with the high-end cameras then, it is the perfect choice with 24 mp full frame sensor and higher picture control.

  15. Nikon D3300
  16. This is one of the values for money items that come with excellent OLPF-free 24MP sensor and high definition lenses.

  17. Sony A58
  18. This is the cheapest DSLR by the makers and offers the gift of lens bundles that are unmatched in the category. This is the value for money deal for everyone.

  19. Pentax K-S2
  20. This is the best in class camera from the budget point of view. It has got all the features that you may get from the top two cameras on the list. The weather-proof body makes it choice for those who love adventures.

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