Top Point and Shoot Cameras of 2016

The cameras are the instruments that are deemed important for all those who have a love for photography, be it an amateur home photographer or a professional working in the photography field. The only difference that counts between these two categories is the use of the cameras. An amateur photographer will usually prefer the inexpensive point and shoot cameras while the professional photographers will look for the DSLR and above range of cameras.

A professional photographer uses the DSLR cameras for getting the best results, in clicking the photos and are ready to spend a huge amount on these cameras. But an amateur photographer shall go to the point and shoot cameras. Otherwise, the smartphones are also used in taking the snaps. The top notch models of the phones like iPhone 6 and others give good results. But these cannot compete with the results by the cameras like anything and the point and shoot cameras are still in demand as the common person are looking for these. The article is focused on the top point and shoot cameras that you can but for you.

  1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50:
  2. This is the camera with a 30x zoom lens which fits in your pocket easily. It supports raw shooting support along with EVF. It is a bit more expensive than others, but do provide value for money.

  3. Ricoh GR II:
  4. It is the best camera for those who are willing to share their pictures instantly. The features like WiFi and firmware tweaks make it possible without any hassles.

  5. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100:
  6. This it the perfect package that has the bigger 1-inch image sensor which is unique in the point-and-shoot camera category. This gives the results that are almost close to the DSLR-quality. The images from this camera are excellent as compared with others in the category.

  7. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III:
  8. The camera is rated on the basis of the picture quality and the name is quite enough when we talk about the Sony cameras. It delivers high-quality images and comes with perfect EVF that compensates its price.

  9. Olympus Tough TG-4:
  10. This will be a preferred choice if you are looking for the rough and tough support. The raw shooting support is the only feature along with the weatherproof body.

  11. Canon PowerShot G7 X:
  12. The 1-inch image sensor gives the camera a capacity to deliver high resolution-pictures. The zoom feature of the camera also supports the magnification at larger distances. It is one of the expensive compact cameras.

  13. Fujifilm XQ2:
  14. This is the perfect companion on the go and helps you in clicking the excellent quality images without many hassles.

  15. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100:
  16. The features like big sensor, 4k video recording and wide aperture lens make it a better choice for the photography lovers but surely it is not for the professional quality pictures.

  17. Canon PowerShot Elph 170 IS:
  18. This is just for the beginners because you will miss a lot of things that we find in the compact cameras.

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